Hunger Games Theatrical Trailer 2

Hi! As is probably obvious, I’m really really excited for the premiere of The Hunger Games (March 23.) I’ve added the trailer because of this, plus I love to gape at the ridiculous Capitol fashions. I hope we don’t dress that way someday cuz it kinda creeps me out… I’m glad Cinna is semi normal. The District 12 tributes need a break from Effie Trinket!


sites I heart, part 1

I love these stores!

And these sites:

Wordles are so fun. Maybe you can make one for warmapplestyle! Ha ha!

Please comment sites you like. Maybe I’ll add them to the post!

Hi stylers!

Hi style lovers…

I’ve been reading some magazines (think J-14 and Twist!) and I’ve found some very interesting tidbits… Here goes!

2012 brings style to :

  • metallics
  • Katniss’ braid from The Hunger Games , out March 23 (so excited!)
  • bold eyes
  • funky nails

Springtime is the time for rosy cheeks, and don’t try too hard with tinted lip gloss –neutral lips are in right now!