Hunger Games Theatrical Trailer 2

Hi! As is probably obvious, I’m really really excited for the premiere of The Hunger Games (March 23.) I’ve added the trailer because of this, plus I love to gape at the ridiculous Capitol fashions. I hope we don’t dress that way someday cuz it kinda creeps me out… I’m glad Cinna is semi normal. The District 12 tributes need a break from Effie Trinket!


Hi stylers!

Hi style lovers…

I’ve been reading some magazines (think J-14 and Twist!) and I’ve found some very interesting tidbits… Here goes!

2012 brings style to :

  • metallics
  • Katniss’ braid from The Hunger Games , out March 23 (so excited!)
  • bold eyes
  • funky nails

Springtime is the time for rosy cheeks, and don’t try too hard with tinted lip gloss –neutral lips are in right now!